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Do you check my credit?

No. Our finance company uses your job, and your income to get you approved for up to $2500 instantly! They will not run your credit report or hit your credit with inquiries. Personal information is required on this application to verify your identity and your income.

Why is there a finance price and a cash price?

We do our absolute best to mark our furniture as low as we can and to offer the absolute lowest prices in the Metroplex. However in doing so our prices are not inflated enough to absorb the up front fees that our finance companies charge us in order to finalize a sales order. So what we've done instead of simply offering the typical over inflated furniture prices is offer a super low cash price or a finance price which includes these up front fees.

How do i know if I'll be approved?

Answer these questions before you fill out the application.

1) Have you had the same job for 6 months?

2) Do you make at least $1000 a month and deposit $500 or more into your bank account?

3) Do you have a Checking account that has been open for at least 90 Days?

4) Have you not had any NSF's or excessive overdrafts in the last 30 days?

If yes to all 4 questions then you're approved! Its that simple. Just fill out our quick online application

What if i don't get approved for enough to cover my items?

If you're not approved for enough to cover all the items you need. We are currently offering an additional 10% to your approval amount! Thats right your $1500 approval will become $1650! All you have to do is let us know! If that still is not enough we do have other options:

  Our no money out of pocket option involves a second finance company listed below crest financial. Fill out that application and you'll be approved for the same amount as progressive. You will be responsible for 2 monthly payments.

  You can also pay the difference in cash, or on a credit card. You will only finance your approval amount. And your finance fees will be reduced accordingly. This will decrease your monthly payments and get your furniture paid off much quicker! 

**If you use the finance option you will be required to pay the "Finance Prices" Listed in our site**

Apply Online HERE - 90% Instant Approval